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This is my first post on aashishbista.com where i will be talking about ways to earn money using YouTube.com.

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I believe you are here to learn and earn money using YouTube. I will walk you through various ways that you can use to make easy money with YouTube. Just creating a video and uploading randomly doesn’t helps you to earn money online. I will share you some tools that will help you in your journey to earn money with YouTube.

The only thing i would like to tell you is FOCUS on what you do. I understand various things distract us, even other ways to make money will distract you. But it’s up to you to make 1 plan work for you before jumping to another methods or so on. I had been through such timings, so i just wanted to make you aware, this might happen to you. Kick out the Distraction and Focus.

First of all let’s talk a bit about YouTube. Don’t worry i will keep it short 🙂


fig: YouTube details as appeared on Google

Being popular Video platform in the Internet, YouTube is one of the best source of Income to lot of users around the Globe. From the most subscribed personal channel PewDiePie to the most subscribed Business Channel T-series (as of today), YouTube is one of the biggest platform that helps millions of people get paid. Either it’s by V-Blogging and earning with Google AdSense or by promoting products. People are making crazy amount of Money online using YouTube.

YouTube Tools

Just like vehicles helps us to get anywhere faster. YouTube Tools are necessary when we are going to start a YouTube Channel. They help us to analyze and spy over to other videos quickly. Although i will be talking more about earning money with YouTube without a Channel. But I would always recommend these YouTube Tools to anyone who want’s to work with YouTube.

vidIQ Vision for YouTube: This is a Browser extension available in Google Chrome browser that helps to discover various data of YouTube videos. Using this extension you can spy on your competitors video (daily views, meta keywords, keyword search volume, keyword competition, social shares etc. ). Free version is enough for us but you might upgrade if you want their premium features. To bring this extension in action, simply download the Chrome extension and login using your email. It will begin to work after you successfully verify your email.

vidiq in action

TubeBuddy for YouTube: This is another Browser extension which i can say a VidiQ alternative. You can install it on your Chrome browser. Like VidiQ, TubeBuddy also offers an upgrade but free version of TubeBuddy will do the work for us.

Social Blade: Social Blade is of the popular online website for getting Statistics of various Social sites. Using Social Blade Chrome extension we can get various statistic data of any YouTube Channel.

Google Trends : Using Google Trends you can check what is the hottest trends as for now.

These are the 4 essential tools for any YouTuber out there. There are more YouTube tools available online which you may or may not use as per your requirement.

Getting started with YouTube Channel

Alright, now you are ready to get started with an YouTube Channel. But what type of videos should you make? Don’t worry, i will guide you through this.

Think this way, what are you interested in general? Football, Cricket, Movies, Drawing, Music etc.

Pick the one niche that you think you can make videos on.

Ask yourself, can u talk about the upcoming Champions League matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona ? Or what do you think about the recent match on IPL?

Do you like to share you recently composed music online ? Or What about the box office collection report and the recently released Hollywood movie ?

Even if you are fond of Science, you can create videos with science experiments. What about putting some Lava on a Basket full of Cricket Ball ? Such videos are getting millions of views daily if you check them on YouTube.

So, firstly find a niche, make yourself comfortable that you can make at-least 1 video or day or in few days.

Great, Head over to YouTube.com and create a new Channel. Customize your Channel header and Profile picture with photos. You can also take help with Canva.com for creating images. You may also want to create Video intro for your channel. Check out Panzoid and create your own free video intro.

For making videos you can use Fxhome Express which is absolutely Free to use.

Points to Remember before getting started to video creation:

  • Never use other’s Videos / Audio / Images. Using these stuff can get you trouble with Copyright strikes. This can even lead to your YouTube Channel Suspension.
  • Never use the video clips from live matches or movies
  • And no drugs / 18+ content and illegal stuff

But, you can always use royalty free videos, audio clips and images. It is always a good idea to give a credit link to the original author of the content in your video description.

Now you are ready to go. You are just few steps from creating your own videos.

  1. Check out what’s trending using Google Trends in your niche
  2. Search in YouTube Categories, even use YouTube Filter to find out what other are uploading
  3. Use the VidiQ or Tubebuddy extension to spy on your competitors videos.
  4. Prepare date and create videos

What next?

Now i will guide you with the basic Video SEO for YouTube. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process that helps to get your video to rank higher in Google and YouTube.

1. Title of the Video

The title of a video plays vital role on getting users attracted. Always keep your main topic (keyword) in your title. Also try to use Google auto suggest or YouTube auto suggest suggestions for creating your Video Title.

youtube suggestions

You can also take ideas from other’s video for getting a perfect Title.

2. Description

In description section you can simply write what your video is about. The important tip here you shouldn’t avoid is, add your main keyword anywhere in the description. Also don’t forget to mention the links to your social network profiles and the audio / image copyright owners, if  you had used them.

3. Tags

Another important optimization for YouTube are tags. Add as much tags you are allowed by YouTube but never repeat same tag. Use the VidiQ extension to get the best tags that represent your video from your competitor’s video. Analyze the search volume of the keyword you used for tag using the extension or google trends.

4. Thumbnail

Do you know, a catchy thumbnail can get  you lot of views from Search results and Recommended videos. Hope you have a good content in your video too. Get ideas from the daily views stats generated by VidiQ extension for each of your competitor video so you can analyze and create best thumbnail for your own video.

These were the basic on-page optimizations.What next?

Now it’s time to warm up your video. Share it on your Facebook Page and your niche related groups. You can also pin it on Pinterest boards or even submit to Reddit.com among related sub-reddits. The more place you share your video, the more chance to get the warmup views. This warmup views helps to your video from no-where to the top positions in Search results within some days.

Ways to Earn Money with YouTube

There are lot of ways to earn money using YouTube. From creating own videos to using YouTube comments for getting targeted customers of an affiliate product. It can get complicated if you think it’s hard else simply follow, and keep working you will kiss the success.

1. Earn with Google AdSense

Alright, the first method i am going to talk about is earning money with Google AdSense. If you are unaware about it, Google AdSense is network for users who get paid from Google Inc by showing ads on their website or videos. In our case we will be considering YouTube to make money online. So we will be creating videos, monetize them and Earn.

As of 2018, YouTube had made some changes for new users. New YouTube channels should cross the milestone of  4,000 hours  viewing time get over 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for monetization.

Well, no need to worry about. If you are dedicated to make money with YouTube, You should always keep this in mind:

More Views = More $$$ You can earn

Let the views and subscribers come to your Channel and you will monetize. Till then you would have sharpen yourself with lot of knowledge and experience with YouTube. Once your channel cross the milestone of YouTube Monetization Eligibility now you can apply for Google AdSense and start earning money.

Beside AdSense YouTube offers other revenue models like Channel memberships, Merchandise shelf, Super chat and YouTube premium revenue. If you are fond of doing live videos then you will definitely love to monetize with Super chat.

Earn Money with YouTube Options

fig: Earning with YouTube

2. Earn with Amazon Affiliates

First, you need to create an account with Amazon as an affiliate. After you get your Amazon affiliate account, you can browse any products on amazon.com and grab your affiliate link easily.

fig: affiliate link from amazon

Now you can share this link on video description. Whenever someone clicks this link and buys the product, you will get certain commission.

Now create videos like unboxing some products and doing a basic review of a product. Also you can do am top 5 kind of product review.

For example you can create a video about “Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones” and talk about the pros and cons of each headphones. Then you can link the products on your description section.

I hope you got the concept.

3. Earn Affiliate Commissions

Just like the Amazon Affiliate system, you can get your affiliate accounts on various affiliate networks like. clickbank.com, warriorplus.com, jvzoo.com, cj.com, shareasale.com etc.

Create stunning review videos and get your viewers buy the products via your link. You will keep generating the commissions through out the time as much as the affiliate offer is live. Isn’t it easy?

4. Earn with Blackhat Techniques

Would you like to learn how you can earn money online using YouTube and CPA networks using Blackhat Techniques?

Well, first of all you should be aware that, Blackhat Techniques doesn’t last long. But in short time you can make good amount of money using it.

I have prepared a detailed ebook “The YouTube Cash Formula“. You can download this free ebook below.

If you have any questions then you can leave comments below. I will be updating the post again and again with more useful contents over time.